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National Academy of Medicine announces Anna as an Emerging Leader in Health and Medicine


On September 14, 2021 the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) announced ten Emerging Leaders in Health and Medicine, including Anna Greka. These scholars have committed to a three-year term working collaboratively across disciplines to advance science, medicine, and promote optimal health for all.



Anna hosts the 6th annual Rare Disease Day event


Rare Disease Day is an international event held on the last day of February to raise awareness about the impact of rare diseases on patients’ lives and to emphasize the need for research. To mark Rare Disease Day, each year the Broad Institute organizes a Focus on Rare Disease event showcasing rare disease research in our community.



"Targeting a Braf/Mapk pathway rescues podocyte lipid peroxidation in CoQ-deficiency kidney disease" paper published in JCI


Learn more about the investigation of cell-specific disease mechanisms in rare genetic disorder revealing Braf/Mapk as a candidate pathway for the treatment of kidney diseases.




Interview with Anna featured in "STAT News Morning Rounds"


Anna, in conversation with Megan Thielking, discusses the process of kidney cell death in progressive kidney disease and the research around possible interventions.




Article on TMED9 research featured in "In the Pipeline; Science Translational Medicine"


"This is a pretty interesting paper on several levels. It sheds light on Mucin I kidney disease (MKD), on protein degradation pathways (a hot topic these days, as those in the industry well know), and it also provides a small molecule lead compound."




Article on a promising therapeutic lead for MUC1 kidney disease featured in Broad Institute News


"Researchers find that several genetic disorders, including MUC1 kidney disease, may share a novel molecular mechanism — and identify a promising therapeutic lead."



Article on TMED9 research featured in "Trends in Molecular Medicine"


"In a recent paper by Dvela-Levitt et al., chemical screening using an immunofluorescent assay identified a compound that caused removal of a dominant-inherited misfolded secretory protein, mucin1-frameshifted, from an intracellular location in immortalized renal epithelial cells of a patient affected with progressive medullary cystic kidney disease."



Article on TMED9 research featured in "Nature Reviews Drug Discovery"




Article on TMED9 research featured in "Nature Reviews Nephrology"


"A new study by Anna Greka and colleagues provides insight into the molecular mechanisms that underlie autosomal dominant tubulointerstitial kidney disease–MUC1 (ADTKD–MUC1; also known as MKD)."




Article on mechanism-based therapies for proteinopathies featured in "Cell"


"Lessons learned from studying a rare genetic kidney disease have uncovered shared mechanisms of cargo quality control that are operative in many different cell types and tissues, and that have implications for a diversity of toxic proteinopathies well beyond the kidney."




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